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    The Five Skandhas

    Ya thatís pretty much where Iím at now too... that is, the Skandhas are just another ancient Buddhist classification of things in a numbered list (they

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    The Five Skandhas

    Thanks Wintergreen for the question, and thanks Jundo for such a clear explanation (10 years ago)!

    We don't talk much about the

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    The Five Skandhas

    Hah! I have no idea, which itself is a teaching in emptiness and impermanence.

    Gassho, J


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    The Five Skandhas

    OK - I know it's nearly 10 years latter but (if possible) could you (Jundo) please repost the "thing you just wrote" (noted above) because the

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    Stories of Compassion and Kindness - GOJO BODHISATTVA

    Thus have I heard:

    A monk once asked Ummon, "What is the Buddha?" Ummon answered thus: "Waste on the restroom

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