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    Zoom Etiquette

    And this is no disturbance at all. I know, sitting is beyond like and dislike, but somehow I like having life happening around.

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    Zen photography

    Back in the days of film, I shot photos, made prints in a darkroom, etc. About seven years ago, I decided to get back into photography, and have been

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    Zoom Etiquette

    Hi Lauren - as I'm sure the 'Euro Crew' can attest, I am always leaving the FSR early at the moment. Most mornings now I sit with a baby on my lap, or

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    Film: Blueprints for Zen Practice

    Wonder, thanks for pointing that out.



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    For Discussion: Separating Ango and Jukai

    Late to the party as ever but I also really got a lot from the period of ango culminating in jukai too. I don't have much spare time but it didn't feel

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