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    Ryaku Fusatsu

    A quick search of some commentaries (not definitive history) shows that the early Buddhists wished to space the ceremonies a bit, perhaps because it included

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    Ryaku Fusatsu

    Thank you Kokuu. I used to observe Uposatha / Ryaku Fusatsu. A few years ago life got in the way and I fell out of the habit. It is a good one though.

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    Ryaku Fusatsu

    What is the significance of doing this on the full moon? Or is that Jundo's point?

    Thanks to all in advance for their insights.

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    For non-sci-fi geeks, "Grok" was coined by Robert Heinlein for one of his sci-fi novels from the early 1960s. The original intent is fascinating,

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    Chant at ring big bell

    Beautiful, Kakunen! Thank you for sharing with us.


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