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    Sunday Sit with Washin and Shugen

    Hello everyone,

    Please join us for the Sunday Sit on October 24-th beginning at 6 am Los Angeles time, 9 am New York time, 4 pm Kyiv time.

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    Living Earth

    Please do post once you have the links. My brain is struggling with the Half Earth concept. Is it intended to feel more achievable and less overwhelming

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    October 22-23rd Treeleaf Weekly Zazenkai - "Leaves Falling (here up North)" Zazenkai

    Thank you everyone. I sat with you this morning.

    Lovely talk today Jundo. Thank you for all the tech wizardry Sekishi. Beautiful chanting

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    Living Earth

    Yes…I remember when his book Sociobiology came out in the 1970s and how controversial it was. Some vilified him. One of my graduate courses focused

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    Living Earth

    Half Earth Day follow up….

    I viewed many of the presentations yesterday and learned they will be posted on Vimeo. I will provide a

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