• About Treeleaf Zendo

    Treeleaf Zendo is a Zen Buddhist Sangha in the Soto lineage of Masters Eihei Dogen, Gudo Wafu Nishijima and Rempo Niwa, former Abbot of Eiheiji. The teacher is Jundo Cohen.

    We practice 'just sitting' Shikantaza Zazen.

    This Zendo is dedicated to students of Zen Buddhist who cannot travel to a Zen Center, or who otherwise wish personal contact with a Zen teacher. By this page, please feel free to ask any question, sit Zazen online with other members, arrange a Dokusan face-to-face meeting with a teacher by video link, join us for live Zazenkai and Sesshin broadcasts, and have access to dozens of talks and writings. We also have "Sit-a-Long" Zazen netcasts and this "Community Forum" for discussions of this and that.

    There is no being 'distant,' no 'near' or 'far,' and all are welcome...

    Treeleaf Sangha is a multicultural Zen Buddhist Community in which people of all socio-economic classes, nationalities, races, ages, creeds, genders, sexual orientation and identification, and physical abilities discover shared humanity by direct experience of one anothers' lives. We are open to all. We commit ourselves to cultivating a practice in diversity and multiculturalism by incorporating into our practice the dissolving of all barriers that perpetuate the suffering of separation, prejudice, and discrimination. We intend to expand and develop our awareness of the ways we are conditioned to separate ourselves by socioeconomic class, nationality, race, age, creed, gender, sexual orientation, physical ability and other forms of identity.
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    Zen Practice with Physical Illness or Disability

    I hope the recovery goes well Tai Shi.


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    are we too greedy?

    I agree with Geika that addiction is part of this. In fact, social media sites were designed to be addictive. I read an interesting article about how

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    尻取り - しりとり -Shiritori

    If it's a katakana word, do we have to start the next one in katakana or can we use the equivalent hiragana sound?


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    Bodhisattva Blunder

    Awww, how sweet. But yes, asking what someone actually needs is often a better idea. And like Jundo says, sometimes even they won't know, but providing

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    home altar

    The wall hangings? They're really nice, where did you find them?
    PS I thought that typo was so funny, perhaps it's the irreverence of the British

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