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    by Published on 12-08-2013 09:21 PM  Number of Views: 9093 
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    WELCOME ...

    ... to our TREELEAF 'AT HOME' Two Day 'ALL ONLINE' ROHATSU (Buddha's Enlightenment Day) RETREAT, being held by LIVE NETCAST on Saturday/Sunday December 7th and 8th, 2013 (though starting Friday night in some time zones).

    Please 'sit-a-long' with the LIVE NETCAST at the times below ... to be visible "live" on our Treeleaf Google+ Page during those hours:


    HOWEVER, you may still join the Retreat and sit-a-long at ANY AND ALL TIME after, by the real time recorded version at the links below (no different from the original!).

    The full sitting schedule is below, and you may download our CHANT BOOK HERE(LINK to PDF).

    and please review the various RETREAT POINTERS HERE(LINK to PDF).

    Recordings of each segment are posted below in time order ... and if we drop from mind all thought of 'now' 'then' 'here' and 'there' ... we will all be sitting together right when and where you are!

    This Retreat celebrates the 'official' closure of our ANGO (90 day Special Practice Season) at Treeleaf, is a part of current preparations for our JUKAI (Undertaking the Precepts) Ceremony in January, and marks ROHATSU ... the traditional holiday in Japan celebrating the time of the Buddha's Enlightenment.

    Jundo will be guiding the first day of sitting on Saturday, and Taigu on Sunday.

    In case of technical problems, please just go along as best you can with the schedule ... we sit with "what is".. .

    OF COURSE, EVERYTHING IN MODERATION ... if the sitting ever feels too much, be sure to walk lots and lots of Kinhin (even if during a sitting period). And if the whole retreat becomes too much, or you feel ill, you may slow down ... , spread things out, shorten the ...
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    This Sunday June 9th (Sunday 10 AM Eastern Time, 7AM Pacific Time in North America, 3pm London Time and 4pm Paris Time), our Sangha will welcome new novice priests through the ritual of 'Shukke Tokudo' Homeleaving Ordination. ...
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