View Full Version : Ino Tip: Bells between Hanya Shingyo and Sandokai in Long Service

01-15-2023, 02:36 AM
Dear All Ino,

If you are handling a Long Service, remember that there are Three Bells between the Hannya Shingyo and Sandokai (Identity of Relative and Absolute) which should match the movement of the Doshi.

After the end of Hannya Shingyo ( ... SHIIIINNNNNGyyyooooo ... ), there is silence as Doshi steps off of Haishiki to return to Altar. Then, first bell when Doshi arrives Altar left, second bell after offering Incense, then third bell, with Doshi to arrive back on Haishiki for the start of Sandokai. At the lastest, that arrival should be after the Sutra title is spoken but before the first chanted line.

Gassho, Jundo