View Full Version : ARTS: 2021 Ango Painting & Drawing Theme: The Dance

10-02-2021, 04:55 PM
Greetings, Sangha,

All the way back in 1990, Garth Brooks recorded a song called The Dance, written by Tony Arata. It was a fine song, and like most of Mr Brooks' music, expertly performed. But we aren't talking about that dance here. Instead...

Let us reopen our creative efforts with an Ango-long painting and drawing theme in synergy with one of our primary readings: The Zen Master's Dance by one J. Cohen. Reading these pages along with the rest of you, my mind fills with images flowing from Jundo's descriptions of existence as a dance. Maybe you find that happening for you, as well. I am conceptualizing a painting, or perhaps a series of paintings, following this theme and as I bring them from idea to actualization, I will post photos here.

I encourage you to, from time to time during this Ango season, to open the door to your studio, whether it is a place that you go to produce art, or just a pencil from that drawer in your kitchen. Consider the dance, and create. The important part is to create with intent, as practice. Then, share your work here. The unimportant part is whether your work is "good," or not. This is a critique-free zone, and I ask that you refrain from offering instruction or advice unless it is requested.

Sat today. LAH.