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01-18-2021, 02:35 PM
Dear All,

We are taking a new turn in our Treeleaf Art Circle, now an expanded 'Arts & Music (& Sports) Circle.' Thank you, as always, to our past guides and working artists, Richard Herman, Meitou and Anne Cooper. This time, we will be opening spaces for specific arts and callings ... music, opera, painting & drawing, fiction and prose, poetry, photography and more. As well, all athletes welcome, who play without goal and run with no place to go.

Each Arts & Music area will be under the guidance of one of our long time Treeleaf members with some experience in the field, and they will be in charge of keeping things stimulating and flowing. Here's a little about each of our guides and hosts, who we are calling our Treeleaf 'Artists in Residence' ...

https://www.treeleaf.org/forums/image.php?u=15809&dateline=1551359801 Painting & Drawing - Nengei is a working artist painting with oil colors in the traditional styles developed since the European Renaissance. Previously, he has focused on art techniques in still life, and now is refining his skills to become a professional portrait painter and to make the transition to a full-time art career. Nengei trained for several years with Dan Petrov, a classically trained, Flemish-style artist known for his still life, landscapes, and portrait work. For the last year, Nengei has been training intensively with globally renowned portrait artist and illustrator Kevin Murphy. Some of Nengei's work is seen here: www.josephalexanderstudio.com

https://www.treeleaf.org/forums/image.php?u=20831&dateline=1597312064 Contemporary Music - Bion has been in the music business as a producer, songwriter and sometimes even mixing engineer for 10 years. His catalogue includes a couple hundred songs, including some chart-toppers. He's had the privilege of working with artists big and small, spread across the globe from Russia to the US. Bion's particular strong point is songwriting, which he states that he is fascinated by and which is "probably my favorite way of telling stories, both from my own experience or other people´s."

https://www.treeleaf.org/forums/image.php?u=16310&dateline=1595624597 Photography - Horin started with photography in 2013, but was always interested in the works of other people. He has been especially interested in black and white photography and portraits, and tries to carry a camera with him whenever it is possible, although there are also periods where he does not use it so much. He especially likes black and white pictures because they are great to capture moods. Also, he would like to try in the photography area to deal with the concepts of "yugen" and impermanence, as they are very powerful and open to many ideas.

https://www.treeleaf.org/forums/image.php?u=16908&dateline=1577756859 - Prose Writing - Hensho is excited about a space to explore Zen and Buddhism in general through the arts. She received her doctorate in creative writing from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, and has taught fiction and poetry writing, and all levels of college composition, as well as American literature.

https://www.treeleaf.org/forums/image.php?u=19907&dateline=1605675464 - Poetry (& Haiku Club)- Seikan will be taking the helm of our poetry and haiku sections, now moved into our arts area, although Kokuu will remain always around too. Seikan considers himself to be a lifelong amateur poet of many styles (haiku, free verse, etc.). While he writes primarily for himself, he has recently had work published in Frogpond, the journal of the Haiku Society of America. In proper Zen fashion, he sees poetry as a wonderful and insightful way to use words to express that which is beyond words

* * *

I hope that we will expand this 'Arts and Music Center' to include a variety of other arts and pursuits, such as sculpture, manga and animation, weaving and knitting, performance art, film making, opera singing ... you name it. As a matter of fact, if you consider yourself to have a particular talent or interest in some media, and would like to guide others who might be interested, please write me. Also, feel from to start new discussions on your favorite sports, adventuring and game in our 'Zen Sports' section.

We will respect "free expression" in our artistic undertakings, but hope to nurture Buddhism and Zen practice through these artistic endeavors. We will ask that extremely violent and overtly political subject matter be avoided, and thank you for respecting that.

So, if you feel drawn to the arts, please pick up your brush, camera, instrument or pen ... and jump on in!

Gassho, Jundo


01-20-2021, 01:39 AM
We already have an addition, for all potential Pavorotti's and Maria Callas could be's, as well for our instrumental classical music fans, as well as those who just like to listen ...

The Treeleaf Opera House & Symphony is now open for the season! [claps]


Shoshо̄ [Tania Nazare] has taught the voice since 2010 to a wide age range, both in schools and in individual lessons. They are highly interested in the holistic approach and anatomically-informed singing. Shoshо̄'s teaching is centred in opera/classical singing but all genres are welcome. Listen to some of Shosho's melodic flights here: https://soundcloud.com/tania-nazare-868181251

And here is Shosho in performance ...



By the way, if you have some talent to offer or encourage in others ... anything from juggling to anime to lion taming ... somewhere in the 'arts and music,' we have room for you!

Gassho, Jundo


02-02-2021, 03:21 PM
Yet two more groups are being added to our Arts and Music ...

If you are interested in Folk Music and/or Early Music (Music in the oral tradition and music composed before 1750) ... then Seiko is the fellow for you ...


In the 1970s I hosted a college folk music club. Then in the 1980's I was part of a seven piece semi-pro Irish folk band. My experience and knowledge, such as it is, leans more towards folk and early music than classical. ... 'Music in the oral tradition' includes instrumental tunes and songs, learned without books, directly from other musicians or singers. This was how traditional music spread, many musicians originally being wholly illiterate.

And for all things thready (other than sewing a Kesa or Rakusu, this is) ... Fiber Crafts with Shoka ...


The Fiber Arts Guild is open to anyone who crafts with fibers, meaning we will cover the spectrum from macrame to knitting, spinning and needle work. If you do something which turns a fiber into something else, come and share with us. But we won't be including zen sewing, such as sewing rakusu, kesa, zagu, etc. those items are led in other areas. ... Shoka learned to crochet around the age that most kids learn to tie their shoes and learned to knit not long after. In the last decade she has added spinning, fiber dyeing, weaving and quilting. Making items for family and friends is something to brings her joy as there is nothing like snuggling in a blanket that was made with love, or feeling the warmth of a scarf from someone miles away. It's like sending someone hugs and a reminder we are there.

Gassho, J