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07-25-2020, 04:27 PM
Hello folks,

This Sunday, 26 July 2020, there will be another special guided Tonglen Practice Circle for anyone who wishes to do taking and sending practice for themselves and everyone affected by the current world situation and the fear that goes with it.

This event will occur in the Scheduled Sitting Room (SSR) at 8pm UK time (BST/UST+1) and last for around 35 minutes.

World Times are:

Anchorage (AKDT): 11am
LA (PDT): 12pm
Denver (MDT): 1pm
Houston (CDT): 2pm
New York (EDT): 3pm
London (BST/UST+1): 8pm
Paris/Berlin (UST+2): 9pm
Kyiv (UST+3): 10pm
Bangkok (UST+7): 2am (Monday)
Tokyo (UST+9): 4am (Monday)
Canberra (UST+11): 6am (Monday)
Wellington (UST+13): 8am (Monday)

We hope to see you all there. With Zoom there is plenty of space!

Deep bows,

Kokuu & Washin

07-26-2020, 07:44 PM
Thanks Kokuu
My cat and I enjoyed it. I will be joining you again, I'll have to check the cat's calendar.

07-26-2020, 08:36 PM
Ha! I hope he/she is free! Lovely to have you there and I hope the rest of your day is a good one!


07-26-2020, 10:38 PM
Comrade Kokuu
This morning I found it odd that we sat 5 minutes for ourselves, 10 minutes for others and finally 5 minutes for all sentient beings. Can you help me understand why each section wasn't even? The way I see it is that our Practice is geared towards the Bodhisattva ideal and that I perhaps naievely see as being the best version of ourselves so we can better serve others. Enlightenment has never been a motivation or consideration for me on this journey believe it or not. I appreciate the focus on acknowledging our own suffering and offering love and compassion towards ourselves for the above reason but why the differentiation between "others" and "all sentient beings"? Again perhaps naively I assume all sentient beings as being all living things on this lump of rock. As such I don't particularly like the divying up so that humans are seemingly more important than other living or inanimate objects that I share the planet with.
Am I being silly, is this "just how it is" or is there traditional/Practice elements that I'm missing?
Sorry for exceeding the 3 sentence guide but I couldn't help it.
Sat today

07-26-2020, 11:37 PM
Hi Onka

Tonglen is a traditional practice. Tonglen as practiced at Treeleaf has totally been assigned time slots by me.

The ten minutes is longer than the others because we are aiming to work with a particular person or group of people or organisms that we are drawn to because they seem to need particular attention at this point in time. In traditional practice, you might actually choose a group of people with the same challenges as yourself in order to work with that at both a personal and transpersonal level. You can also choose any kind of sentient being to work with, though, they don't have to be human. Animals, hungry ghosts and demigods are all available! Those affected by coronavirus is jsut the current suggestion.

So anyway, I determined that as deserving of the ten minutes as a way to focus the practice rather than assign arbitrary levels of deservedness or importance.

In traditional metta practice, we start with focus on the self, then widen out to other groups and end with the totality of all sentient beings. I am doing the same here. But it is a totally arbitrary allocation of time based on keeping it to 30 minutes. If we did it for forty, and that is totally possible but might be less accessible to newer folks and folks with family schedules, then you could divvy up each stage into ten minute slots.

So that is the rationale, whether it makes sense or not!


07-27-2020, 12:06 AM
Recording of today's practice:



07-27-2020, 02:52 AM
Hi Kokuu, sorry I missed this.
Will Tonglen be a regular weekly session? I was unsure if it was continuing.

Gassho, Chris satLAH

07-27-2020, 10:13 AM
Hi Chris

I think Washin missed a week but otherwise we plan on continuing as usual.


Tai Shi
08-04-2020, 10:49 PM
Pleas Kokuu, when is the next one?
Tai Shi

08-04-2020, 11:01 PM
Hi Tai Shi

It should be this coming Sunday. We are generally doing them weekly now.