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01-29-2020, 01:45 PM
Just jump in if joining, no "catch up" ... just today is today ...

I will include chapter headings, as we discovered some differences between the US and UK editions regarding chapter order.

Chapter 59 - Try Clearing You Head - Find some place near the sounds of nature, if you can: the sounds of falling rain in a storm, or the wind blowing, or birds singing outside. lf you do not live in such a place, even the "natural" sounds of cars passing on the street below, or noisy neighbors will do. Put on a blindfold or cover your eyes with you arm while reclining. Really listen for a few minutes, but with the non-analysis and non-judgement of "mushiryo."

Chapter 60 - Enjoy A Zen Garden - Find a patch of sand or open dirt, and a 2 or 3 interesting stones. Draw a pattern in the sand with a stick, and place the stone in some balanced way within the space, with or without a little moss or other green. Appreciate your work for a few minutes with the equanimity of "mushiryo." No need, but should you want, please share of photo of the garden here.

Kyonin and l saw a few of Japan's most astonishing rock and sand gardens at Kenninji temple in Kyoto during our visit there earlier this year ...


Gassho, J


02-10-2020, 06:24 AM
Chapter 59

I did go back to the Episcopal Church today. I waited for about 45min before I realized no one was coming and I practiced my meditation and listened to the birds (mostly Seagulls). I don't know how people here feel about mixing religious practice but my Buddhist friend actually suggested I go back for various reasons. Turns out it was the day of the annual meeting so they were only holding the second service today rather than the early one. So I got to do my meditation and be out in nature for a while early in the morning. I was standing though in my meditation. It really was beautiful outside this morning.