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01-09-2020, 12:46 AM
Just jump in if joining, no "catch up" ... just today is today ...

I will include chapter headings, as we discovered some differences between the US and UK editions regarding chapter order.

Chapter 53 - Instead of Worrying, Get Moving - Attempt some project that you think you can't do, and do it anyway. I do not mean that you should jump off your roof convinced that you can fly (please don't! Respect physical limits! :black_eyed: ), but rather that you should dive into some daring recipe in the kitchen, write a letter to someone who might not respond, try an activity or adventure that you believed beyond you. It might still be, but the road of life is not just measured in success and failure! It need not be something that takes much time.

Chapter 54 - Maintain A Supple Mind - If something bad happens this week, if someone insults you are you are frustrated about some event ... clean something for a few minutes. Wipe wipe wipe, rinse rinse rinse ... Pour oneself, body and mind, into that action for that period of time.

Gassho, J

Shōnin Risa Bear
01-09-2020, 04:20 AM
Rainstorm in progress. Was going to sit with Washin in the dining room but this leads me to suit up to go out to the hut with my headlamp and rain hat. gassho2

Doyu sat and lah today

01-10-2020, 08:01 PM
53--I just got underway on making a ring I've been thinking about for a while. It involved carving a wax model to cast and will involve setting a few stones quite close to each other. I'm not 100% sure it's going to work out, but here I go anyway.

54--After work today, I might go full Joan Crawford (http://dosesofhistory.blogspot.com/2017/07/cleanliness-next-to-godliness-joan.html) on the kitchen tonight. ;)




01-11-2020, 11:58 PM
#53. Iíve been guilty of analysis paralysis in my past. Thinking and stressing. As Iíve gotten older I find I do that less and less. Some semblance of a plan is good but at some point you just have to start.

#54. My winter chore is cleaning up my basement and storage area that has become overwhelmed with stuff. I am finding it to be quite relieving to just let go of stuff Iíve been holding on to.

Sat today and lah

01-16-2020, 09:30 PM
#53. Will practice this one tomorrow or the day after

#54. Hahaha this is something I incorporated years ago and still practice whenever a situation calls for it. It makes me laugh cause it reminds me of the countless situations in which I was angry or sad and decided to start cleaning the kitchen. gassho1

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