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12-15-2019, 03:42 AM
Episode 13: Meditation Is Easy

Is meditation easy? Is it difficult? Jundo and Kirk talk about shikantaza meditation and the importance of intention. And Jundo discuss his patented Insta-Zen technique.

The Link: https://www.zen-of-everything.com/13

Episode 14: What Is the Sound of One Kōan Clapping?

You've probably heard about kōans, those mysterious Zen dialogs that often seem to make no sense. Jundo and Kirk discuss the origin and history of kōans, what they mean, how they work, and what the sound of one hand clapping really is.

The Link: https://www.zen-of-everything.com/14


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Gassho, Jundo


12-16-2019, 09:33 PM
Been catching up on podcasts in the car. Makes holiday rush hour traffic on the interstate much more enjoyable when picking my daughter up from school. Even during construction in holiday rush hour - the ultimate challenge! [emoji4]

Made a mental note to add to my reading list the Book of Equanimity and the other book with a long G name that I can't spell or pronounce yet [emoji4]

Also been listening with fascination to the differences between western Zen and Japanese Zen. Rather sad for Japan, yet hopeful of all the possibilities and opportunities available in western Soto Zen. We see this here clearly at Treeleaf. [emoji120][emoji16]

The podcasts are informative, entertaining, and amusing.

St lh

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