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I will include chapter headings, as we discovered some differences between the US and UK editions regarding chapter order.

Chapter 29 - Don't Think Of Unpleasant Things Right Before Bed - Usually, in seated Zazen, we seek to sit alertly, avoiding to fall asleep. This time, recline Zazen in bed at night, allowing oneself to fall asleep.

Chapter 30 - Try Your Best To Do What You Can Now - Do a job intentionally dropping from mind that conditions are less than optimal, or not how you want at all. Do the job diligently and attentively, but drop from mind complaints about how the situation should be better. How does that change your experience of doing the job?

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This is timely. I trapped myself on the roof recently, in the hot sun with no cell and no water (of course) and needed Beloved's attention to bring the ladder to a better place. Normally I'd lose energy fuming at myself about this, but simply concentrated on tapping the side of the house with rocks in a cloth bag on a rope (chimney sweeping gear) until the situation was discovered and rectified. This took some time (headphones and YouTube were in play [morehappy] ) but meanwhile the clouds were drifting by on the surrounding mountaintops, birds were swooping and fall colors have begun. These exercises have already pointed the way, but here it is spelled out. _()_

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Chapter 29 - "A Five Minute Bed Zazen"

I do this all the time. I frequently have trouble sleeping due to restless legs so I “sit” as I try to settle things down which sadly can span a few hours. For the medical types here at the forum yes I’ve been tested for iron deficiency, other blood related imbalances, neuro and nerve function etc. I created a thread about Zazen and sleep a while ago that feels apropos https://www.treeleaf.org/forums/showthread.php?15167-Zazen-in-bed-instead-of-sleeping

Chapter 30 - Try Your Best To Do What You Can Now.


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