View Full Version : Tonglen practice circle april 28th

04-27-2019, 10:00 AM
Hello all,

Please do join us for the beautiful Tibetan inspired practice of taking and sending (Tonglen), tomorrow on Sunday 28 April. This practice is based on loving kindness (Metta) and includes both taking in the suffering of others and sending joy, peace and metta.

All are very welcome to join whether they have previous experience of the practice or not.

The Tonglen Practice Circle will be happening on Sunday on Google hangouts via Treeleaf Now / Scheduled
Sitting Room : https://www.treeleaf.org/now/go.php?...d-sitting-room

Times are as follows:

UK (BST) - 8pm
Western Europe - 9pm
Eastern Europe - 10pm
EDT - 3pm
CDT - 2pm
MDT - 1pm
PDT - 12pm
AKDT - 11am
Tokyo - 5am (Monday)

For those unfamiliar with the practice, there is a short description here:

We hope to see you there!

Washin on behalf of Kokuu