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02-13-2019, 03:46 AM
Dear All,

First, some nice news I would like to share with all of you. I just heard from Wisdom Publications about my own book on Master Dogen (tentatively entitled "The Zen Master's Dance"), and it is scheduled for publication in the Summer of 2020! (I am not so experienced with the publishing world, so it was explained to me that such long preparation times are pretty standard. All things in their time.) Anyway, maybe we can read my book in the book club someday down the road. :encouragement:

For today, we turn to all of Chapter 10 in "What Is Zen?"

Here are a few suggested possible questions to talk about a bit ...

--How has Zen Practice changed you over time? Not changed you? How does that compare to the qualities, lifestyle etc. that you thought would be part of the path? Are you happier?

--How do you keep your Practice fresh?

We can chat about that, or you can talk about anything else at all.

Gassho, Jundo

02-13-2019, 11:38 AM

I sneeze you catch a cold.

Less fear and more peace for me and for you.

Gasho, Jishin, _/st\_

02-13-2019, 01:10 PM
Thank you Jundo. =)



02-14-2019, 12:58 AM
Congratulations, Jundo. That is a big accomplishment!!

sat today/lah

02-14-2019, 02:18 AM
Congratulations on your book!

I guess you could say that Zen practice has made me much more patient, but I am not sure if that is zazen or just getting older! I wouldn't say I'm happier since beginning practice-- I am about the same, if happiness is quantifiable-- but I am less confused about who I am and how I think. Once again, I am not sure if it is zazen or age, but practice definitely has changed how I respond to certain things in life, philosophically. I no longer look for something to blame when things go "wrong". I am no longer superstitious. Looking back, I kind of was.

Practice is always fresh. It is never the same day.

Gassho, sat today, lah

02-14-2019, 03:15 AM
Like Geika, not sure whether zazen or age or experience or all together are the changes in me. However I know that the pull to zazen has been with me for verry long so it seems it is a part of how I got here. My equanimity has never been more a part of my life.

Very good anout the book Jundo.


02-14-2019, 09:56 AM
I would very much like, reading your book together. Great news!

Regarding practice I can only echo, what others said.
Less fear... yes, that's the easiest recognisable part over here.
The gap between life and myself got smaller.
Where there is no urgent need to decide or act, I am more at ease with unclear situations.
I don't always have to decide on which side I am standing on, accepting reality being not always so clear.

As life and practice seems to be one, it's always new, different.
And there is my 'It's not about you!' mantra, when circling thoughts and dullness stays too long.

Kotei sat/lah today.

02-15-2019, 06:35 AM
I think my experiences mirror a lot of other's. I am not sure what is just getting older and what isn't. I am sure that zen practice has helped me quite a bit like being able to bounce back from bad episodes faster than I was previously able. I don't do it for that, but it is nice. I guess we all start off with that image of being a person who is perfectly content and without any hindrances. I know I certainly did, but as my practice has evolved, I'm happy to throw images like that away. I feel like I'm always learning something new about zen practice, so it always feels fairly fresh I guess.

Congrats on the book! I am definitely looking forward to reading it.

Sat Today

02-24-2019, 06:59 PM
Congratulations on the publication of your book, Jundo. I look forward to reading it.

From the beginning of my practice, just sitting has helped give me insight to my self (or no self). It also has given me equanimity. Metta practice gave me more trust of other people and circumstances. I look forward to daily zazen as a way of letting go. The community and lessons at Treeleaf have been a source of wisdom. Coming back to the community keeps my practice feeling fresh.


02-24-2019, 07:32 PM
Great news, Jundo and congratulations on publishing your first book!

Zen Practice has given me opportunity to see "where" and "how" I can fit in and be of some kind of use/help to others. It has given me a sense of a support system in moral/ethical issues. It has given me a tiny peek into Japanese culture, tradition and history (I'm a Japan fan if I may say so). It has given me the sense that although perfect, we are/I am in continuous progress .

As I'm very new to Practice, it is fresh, still :)

Thank you for the discussion,
thank you all for sharing.

Gassho, eva
sattoday and also LAH

02-24-2019, 07:45 PM
Congratulations on the book Jundo! I can't wait to get my autographed copy! :)

My practice has been like water. Over the decades it has ebbed and flowed. But like the Tom Tanks movie, Castaway, he said, " You never know what will come in on the next wave."

That is my Shikantaza.

It is very windy in Cleveland today, and there's a high wind warning in effect until Monday morning. As I went out to pick up my trash cans, I noticed our flowers, peaking out through the ground, and I thought to myself, not yet my little friends, not yet.
The flowers will not grow up to be rocks, or anything else. It is their nature to become flowers...in their time.

That is my Zen...i will become what I was meant to become...in my time.

I agree that we should read Jundos book together. Not only will it be enjoyable, but it is a gift to be able to read along, and discuss a book with its author.

Thank you for allowing me to be part of this Sangha.



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02-25-2019, 01:20 PM
Thank you, Jundo. I'm catching up with this chapter now.
And... Congratulations on your book!


03-02-2019, 09:56 AM
Getting behind on this reading, with all the Brexit prep and ever changing requirements and info. Will crack on a some stage as I've found it really useful so far.

Great news about the book Jundo, can wait for it to hit the streets.

03-02-2019, 12:32 PM
Getting behind on this reading, with all the Brexit prep and ever changing requirements and info. Will crack on a some stage as I've found it really useful so far.

Great news about the book Jundo, can wait for it to hit the streets.

I did not realize that Brexit is even impacting Zen! I thought we were all about dropping borders? :p However, yes, what happens in the next few weeks is a big Koan.

03-03-2019, 11:02 AM
Getting behind on this reading, with all the Brexit prep and ever changing requirements and info. Will crack on a some stage as I've found it really useful so far.

Great news about the book Jundo, can wait for it to hit the streets.

Its been one Big Koan from the day they announced the referendum.[duh] As you say an interesting few weeks ahead.

03-03-2019, 11:42 AM
Ok on a windy Sunday morning I've given this chapter a first read but as I've done with the others, will read it a few more times before moving.

Has my Zen practice changed me ? Like other's I've noticed changes but the start of my more focused daily practice, has coincided with my taking early retirement. Or at least the start of the period of things settling down, after the chaotic, leave work, lose father, sell house, move to France, find/buy house, move in decorate etc etc.

As to the dullness staleness. I can relate to this with my guitar learning path, were I became aimless for a while after completing an Intermediate level course. I finally knuckled down and completed a song I'd been working for 18 months and that was the kick I needed to get back to focused practice.

Being new practice wise to Zen, it still seems fresh and although recent events with the EU/UK have disrupted my desire or opportunity to study, I still sit each morning at least and find this sets me up for the day. Or at least focuses me on trying to be more mindful. Then I open up the BBC News web pages and it all goes out the window.

So with 913 days of daily sitting (bar one missed day not long after starting) I've subtly become a little more patient, less angry and more thoughtful, finding it a little easier to let things go. Well some times and some things. But right now its a chicken and egg perception. Is it the Zen or the retirement. I don't know, ask me again in 5 years time. [monk]

03-03-2019, 06:03 PM
At first I thought I could not comment on this chapter, with me having started practicing on a regular basis only a year ago. But then I realized that - though it is a far cry from "the long haul" - I might even have a clearer view on changes caused by daily sitting. As there have been no other main changes in my life and just 12 months of practice did not age me enough to attribute any new perspectives on life to old age, it might be that the improvements I feel are directly caused by the practice.
Changes are:
I have become more patient, even with myself
My nervous stomach is not nervous anymore
Seems it is easier for me to stay focussed

Ok, I should revisit this in 10 years or so, when I really might look on "the long haul".

Gero (sat today)

03-03-2019, 09:06 PM
Coming back to this thread, a major thing I keep noticing in my daily life is that I no longer have the patience to be angry. It can sometimes become an issue in my marriage, but for the most part it keeps a lot of the sillier things that couples might bicker about at bay. I no longer wish to waste time bickering, and I tend to drop things right away. This is not ALWAYS a good thing, though-- I can seem too blase about things that are clearly really bothering my husband or a friend or family member. So I would like to be more astute at directing the tool of anger properly, and I feel that with more time I probably will be. I also noticed that when anger does arise,which is rare, it is quite nasty and sharp-- not good either.

Sat today, lah