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  1. My zen, your zen?
  2. Compassion. Judgement. (No)Self Satisfaction.
  3. Zazen, A Better Way of Experiencing Pain - a talk by Gudo Wafu Nishijima -
  4. Announcement: Special Zazenkai SATURDAY 10/15 w/ Myozan Kodo
  5. Rush into Chaos
  6. A Question about Dogen's Four Views
  7. Observable Universe contains ten times more galaxies ...
  8. Bowing to a millipede
  9. Announcement: ANOTHER!! Special Zazenkai SUNDAY 10/23 w/ Taikyo Morgans
  10. A man throws a glass of water on a waterfall.
  11. How not to be selfish but not too generous in the same time?
  12. Zen On Wheels (Excerpts From Daikan Rising Crow)
  13. Greetings from Kakunen (Mr. K.) now Training at Jyomanji
  14. Dogen's Four Basic Teachings
  15. Have you ever questioned yourself if all you think makes of you just another parrot?
  16. A question on Dogen Zenji
  17. Learning to Float
  18. Jundo's India Diary: A Month of Travels & Pilgrimage
  19. Oneness With Every Stitch
  20. Expanding at the same moment absorbing
  21. ANNOUNCING: Our New Video Series for Beginners (We're All Always Beginners)
  22. Practising when walking, driving or on the train
  23. Old demons
  24. Genjokoan podcasts
  25. Insight Timer / Help With Metta Practice
  26. Help with zazen : fear of the breathe stopping
  27. Teaching teachers to teach
  28. Buddhist/Zen/Dharma Movies and Documentaries
  29. New Zafu and Zabuton
  31. World Zazen
  32. Pine Needle?
  33. OnBeing - James Martin, SJ
  34. Hogen's Dharma Transmission
  35. Oneness with Every Stitch
  36. Timeless "LAST CALL" for Rakusu Mailing Addresses / DATE FOR JUKAI CEREMONY
  37. Poised Between Big and Small
  38. Happy Holidays (All of Them!) 2016 from Jundo ...
  39. Zafu for Christmas!
  40. shikantaza and mindfulness dhyana
  41. Moving to the citayyy..Stevie Wonder!!!!!
  42. What if the "clouds" come off as smog, sometimes?
  43. Its Moving!!!
  44. Second Noble Truth
  45. Entropy and Nirvana
  46. Fear of death
  47. trying to quit smoking, all and any advice welcome
  48. New Years Greetings from Treeleaf, Japan 2017
  49. Zen/dharma books
  50. Flowers Fall
  51. Dropping body and mind ?
  52. Things I find very interesting
  53. JUKAI CEREMONY GUIDE POSTED / Special Zazenkai Talk on Jukai Ceremony
  54. 7am EST Zazen
  55. Split Thread: Reception of 'Online' Jukai
  56. Less music = lasting longer (on the cushion)
  57. To Count or Not to Count.
  58. Make America Zen Again! (and Treeleaf's Take on Things) ...
  59. The Historical Buddha
  60. sitting zazen, timeless time
  61. Joriki
  62. Our January 2017 Treeleaf JUKAI (Undertaking the Precepts) CELEBRATION! -MAIN PAGE-
  63. Mind Waves -- Thoughts During Zazen
  64. For History Wonks: The Myth of Zen Connection to Samurai, Bushido and Martial Arts
  65. Celebrate Your Dharma Name
  66. Kesa, Kimono, Rakusu, etc
  67. Pointer to Shingen's Talks on Verse of the Kesa, Sewing, Rakusu Handling ...
  68. Beginner question about Zazenkai
  69. The Logic of the Buddhist Tetralemma
  70. How do people die???
  71. Lotus Sutra App / Book
  72. Bodhichitta
  73. A poem
  74. Announcement: Parinirvana Memorial & Zazenkai 2017
  75. Home alone 'retreat'.
  76. Soft snow
  77. How do you cut cake?
  78. A poem: fallen leaves
  79. Freeze framed zazen
  80. Surfing
  81. Antaiji
  82. A mouse
  83. Most Fundamental Post on Shikantaza around here in a long time! :-)
  84. Split Thread: A Question on "Faking It & Making It"
  85. It is.
  86. I meet many person at two year but difficult to communicate with family and Jundo.
  87. The depth of the unlimited...
  88. Notice about the Treeleaf Art Circle Forum
  89. Split Thread: Facing the Computer or Facing the Wall
  90. Daily Prayer Practice
  91. A Buddhist chef
  92. Zazen and earworms
  93. Split Thread: Metta When and Whenless
  95. The Case Against Empathy
  96. Zazen in bed instead of sleeping
  97. New Zen Podcast from Soto Teacher Domyo Burk
  98. Secular Dharma
  99. Heart Sutra
  100. Boundless Reality
  101. Spring is coming.
  102. Zen & The Fear of Rejection
  103. Emptiness
  104. Types of Incense
  105. Any Advice for Sitting 4-Hr. Zazenkai?
  106. Bankei Zen
  107. Wasting precious time...
  108. Sitting in Seriza HURTS!
  109. Zen Clapdoodle and the Coo Coo Cachoo
  110. Maintaining a right mindset in an unmindful world
  111. Split Thread: Sitting Long and Short
  112. Buddhist education?
  113. The Zen Version of God
  114. Seeking advice for maintaining a practice through injury
  115. Wearing of lay practictioner robe
  116. Lost in zazen (or, as the pixies would say, "where is my mind")
  117. Homeless Kodo
  118. Impossible full lotus
  119. First Zazen, a description
  120. Thoughts on Spiritual Needs and Changes
  121. ATTENTION: Special Zazenkai SUNDAY April 30th with DAVID LOY
  122. Buddha is a photographer
  123. Pronouciation of "svaha"
  124. Hara - The Gut Brain?
  125. I don't know
  126. A Little Assignment for Today: Tell Someone What They Mean To You
  127. Sesshin soon
  128. Bodhisattva, Bodhidharma.
  129. Next thing you know they'll have monks delivered by Drones
  130. Buddha Nature / Entelechy
  131. Four Vows history and translations?
  132. Oh, those big questions !
  133. Zazen observations
  134. GoFundMe: Zen Meets the Orthodox with Daiho Hilbert Roshi
  135. The Shikantaza Teachings of ... Master Rinzai!
  136. Inside Vasubandhu's Yogacara
  137. Jundo: The Best Response to Terrorism - Don't be Angry or Terrified!
  138. What's for Breakfast? Beyond Distinctions....
  139. Sitting well...
  140. Of what use is the knowledge of the 4 stages of enlightenment?
  141. Back issues
  142. Benefits of a Sangha
  143. Mindfulness and Shikantaza
  144. Correlation between compassion and dependent origination
  145. Focusing on the Eyes
  146. On Tonglen
  147. Evolution of zazen
  148. The First Precept and Eating Meat
  149. Get to know yourself
  150. Getting the most out of community
  151. Seeking Zazen Hangout Host Volunteers - Would You Host A Weekly Zazen Sitting?
  152. I feel sense of incongruity for administration only for English
  153. Dealing with all those annoying 'interruptions' :)
  154. Ordinary Mind and Buddha Mind
  155. Somebody translate chanting about donation
  156. Holiness?
  157. Snyder's Blue Mountains Constantly Walking Commentary
  159. Hangover / Precepts
  160. Split thread: Handling strong emotions
  161. Sharing article written about my Dharma brother Seigaku at Berlin.
  162. How do you separate from internet devices.
  163. How do you sit on Shilantaza style?
  164. Zen Studies Podcast about our relationship to Forms
  165. For our German Speakers: A "Das Große Herz der Vollkommenen Weisheit Sutra" Zazenkai
  166. Sitting with snake
  167. Directions for a beginner
  168. Zazenkai questions from a newcomer!
  169. Portraying Falsehood - What's In AName ?
  171. Discomfort during Zazen
  172. How to talk about people doing awful things while not violating the precepts?
  173. Saving all sentient beings
  174. Prostrations and the Rakusu
  175. A religion of games
  176. Finishing about 15day Sesshin is finished.
  177. 1 day fasting Sesshin start
  178. What do you like to do ,kind of Just do it like Zazen?
  179. Info on Buddha image
  180. I was at 2nd Monastery Hokyoji.
  181. Good morning!
  182. Please Sit with our TREELEAF SAN FRAN-OAKLAND RETREAT - August 9th to 12th
  183. Split Thread - Zen and Self-(Non-Self)-Defense
  184. Research on a "Differently Enabled Ancestors List" - Volunteers
  185. This one simple trick will fix all your crazy
  186. "Warm-ups" to Zazen?
  187. Good article
  188. DIY Zazenkai?
  189. Free Sitting Room
  190. Zazen and the Analytical Mind
  191. True Mind - Yuan-hsien (1618-1697)
  192. Special Zazenkai with Daiho Hilbert and Jundo "Roshi" Ceremony
  193. When starting out 'just sitting'
  194. Meditation and "inner heat" question
  195. SPLIT THREAD: Of Priests and Priest Training at Treeleaf
  196. Shook up in zazen!
  197. Do we have lots of Zen Sangha or community?
  198. Merry Ol' England
  200. Chanting and language
  201. How much intensity?
  202. Just A Note to Jukaiees and Angoers - First Precept Readings and PPE Posted
  203. The True Nature of the Body
  204. BUMP: Seeking Zazen Hangout Host Volunteers - Would You Host A Weekly Zazen Sitting?
  205. Rebirth
  206. Do we need sit?
  207. Zen Buddhism + Taoist Influence?
  208. The Zen Buddhist Nuclear Weapons Expert in Trump's White House
  209. Ever notice that....
  210. Dharma Audiobooks
  211. No zazen this evening at 7pm. I'm at a wedding.
  212. Children of the New World
  213. Sexual assaults and violent rages...Inside the dark world of Buddhist teacher Sogyal
  214. Higan service.
  215. I start guiding Zazenkai
  216. A Film About Antaiji
  217. Standing Like Buddha
  218. Street Koans
  219. Zen Practice With Physical Illness or Disability
  220. How is Zen different?
  221. Zazen today did not go as planned 7pm-7:30pm
  222. Computer seems to be working and I've started a sitting group if you'd like to join
  223. Reading Dogen thought of this
  224. Two Book Reviews: Tim Burkett and Brad Warner
  225. Zen Practice with Physical Illness or Disability
  226. Music in Zen?
  227. On this day ...
  228. Temple food
  229. Offering Metta to someone like Stephen Paddock
  230. Something to Say About Nothing
  231. Away and back without ever leaving
  232. Historians Discover Meditation Spread From Ancient China By Annoying Monk
  233. Special Zazenkai with Fabrice Seishin Hogyo Betti of Martinique (my Dharma Nephew!)
  234. No zazen at 6pm this evening with Hobbie
  235. Earth Touching Buddha
  236. Mentoring?
  237. Mu
  238. Mind moves
  239. Ego trip?
  240. The science of zen
  241. For Zen History Wonks Only - Zen Obaku and Amida /Pure Land
  242. Opinions?
  243. Kinhin?
  244. My new project
  245. Cushion height
  246. Heart Sutra Translation
  247. No 8 am cst scheduled sit
  248. Jukai
  249. Metta
  250. Heart Sutra Japanese Pronunciation Guide (a bit irreverent)