SIT-A-LONG with Taigu: Koku 3

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The Nishijima Cross translation gives this version of the text:

Zen Master Shakkyō Ezō of Bushū asks Zen Master Seidō 
Chizō,"Do you understand how to grasp space?" 
Seidō says, "I understand how to grasp it." 
The master says, "How do you grasp it?" 
Seidō clutches at space with his hand. 
The master says, "You do not understand how to grasp space." 
Seidō says, "How do you grasp it, brother?" 
The master grabs Seidō's nostrils and pulls them. 
Groaning with pain, Seidō says, "It is very brutal to yank a per- 
son's nostrils, but I have directly been able to get free." 
The master says, "Directly grabbing hold like this, you should 
have got it from the beginning." 
Shakkyō's words "Do you understand how to grasp space?" ask 
"Are you too 'the thoroughly realized body as hands and eyes'?"Seidō 
says, "I understand how to grasp it." Space is one unadulterated mass, which, 
once touched is then tainted.Since being tainted, "space has fallen to the 

As we are entertaining ourselves with ten thousand things to do, to dream about, to chase; as we imagine the truth to be found somewhere else, we neglect the very precious Koku of this-self-here-now. Getting hold of our nose is to get in touch with the only reality that matters. Everything else belongs to the realm of projection and illusion, we have to start where we live, in this space of being and practice and then we may unfold.

Today's Sit-A-Long video follows at this link. Remember: recording ends soon after the beginning bells; a sitting time of 20 to 35 minutes is recommended.

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