Sit-a-Long with Jundo -- The internet is changing our brains

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Texting, Googling, tweeting, flitting from this to that... the internet is literally changing our brains!

"I became aware of changes in my own thinking a couple of years ago," Nicholas Carr, author of the new book, The Shallows: What the Internet is Doing to our Brains, told CNN. "... I came to realize [that] I was losing my ability to pay deep attention to one thing over a long period of time. When I'd sit down to read a book, for instance, I was only able to sustain my concentration for a page or two. My mind would begin to crave stimulation and distraction -- it wanted to click on links, jump from page to page, check email, do some Googling..."

Our whole day to day is filled with running from here to there, no time to stop, places to go and things to get done one after another! Zazen is a moment of stillness and wholeness amid all that running around. [Click through for more, and to "sit-a-long" with today's video from Jundo Cohen.]

Today's Sit-A-Long video follows. Remember: recording ends soon after the beginning bells; a sitting time of 20 to 35 minutes is recommended.

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