Sit-a-Long with Jundo -- Fallacies of Awakening, Part II: Nothing Special

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common fallacy concerning Zen awakening is that what we call Kensho - "seeing our true, original nature" -- is somehow uniquely vital, special, indispensable to the path, sacred.

Kensho is, in fact, nothing special.

But another fallacy is that Kensho is not especially vital, indispensable to the path, sacred; that Kensho is merely something ordinary and nothing special.

For Kensho is, in fact, special as special ever has been or could be...  a sacred jewel, key to the path, life's vitality realized... nothing other than special!  [Click through for more, and to "sit-a-long" with today's video.]

Kensho is "nothing special" in that each and all facets of this life-world-self, bar none, are vital, sacred, a unique treasure - and every step of the path is central to the path. The "ordinary and mundane" is never ordinary. Every moment and any encounter, each breeze and blade of grass is special, sacred, a jewel in Indra's Net. Thus, I do not mean to lower the import of Kensho in the least, but just to RAISE UP all of life, and every instant of practice, to one and the same par with Kensho, for such is the wholeness, intimacy, unity that is KENSHO'd in KENSHO.
Realizing that fact - that the most "ordinary" is sacred and whole and unbroken - is at the heart of Kensho! Failing to see Kensho as extraordinary insight into the extra-ordinariness and sacredness of both the sacred and ordinary is not to see "Kensho."

To finally be free of the "self" which thinks in turns of "up and down," sacred vs. profound... That is indispensable. That is Kensho.

Imagine Zen Practice as a walk through mountains in search of one's "Original Nature." One searches and searches, striving to get to the place of seeing and knowing. Scenery changes, days pass. But upon finally seeing into this Original Nature, it is found that the entirety of the mountain, each step and passing landscape, blade of grass, the hiker and the very action of hiking itself, was, throughout, just this Original Nature all along... and each living instant of the trip just one's Nature Naturing Nature... vital and sacred and wholly holy whole. There was never any special place to "get to" - no special goal to achieve - because all was special and fully arrived at the "finish line" all along... whereby finally getting to this knowing of "never any place to getis arriving at the goal of a most special place to "get." (Ah, ENLIGHTENING PARADOX)!

Today's Sit-A-Long video follows. Remember: recording ends soon after the beginning bells; a sitting time of 20 to 35 minutes is recommended.

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