Sit-a-Long with Jundo: Come sit Zazenkai with us (Video)

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At Treeleaf Sangha, we have a 90-minute weekly"Zazenkai" (Zazen Meeting) each Saturday, and a 4 hour meeting the first Saturday of the month. Although we sit at home by ourselves each day, I think it important also to join in longer, group sittings on a very regular basis. It is encouraging to sit with others instead of only alone by ourselves, and also to sit a bit longer than we usually do.

Information on the weekly Zazenkai at Treeleaf is HERE. Our Zazenkai are broadcast in live video over the internet, and available to sit anytime in recorded form after that. People join into our sittings from all over the world, some live and some days later. Still, we are all together, whenever and wherever. [Click through for more, and to "sit-a-long" with today's video.] 

As well as a weekly Zazenkai in which we sit Zazen for a few hours, interspersed with Kkinhin(walking meditation), I encourage people to join in longer retreats too, including weekend retreats and sesshin lasting several days. I am often asked why it is good to do so, especially as I am always repeating that "there is nothing to attain" in Zazen.

Well, my response is that, even though there is nothing to attain, it is sometimes necessary to sitvery diligently to attain this non-attaining! What is more, it is good to sit with our self longer and more intently, for we then experience some things about "me myself and I" more clearly and intensely.

At today's Zazenkai, seen below, we welcomed Brian, one of our sangha members, visiting Treeleaf in Japan from the United States. It was very good to have his company. Our sitting schedule today was as follows, and I encourage you to sit along with Brian, me, and the other folks in our sangha who joined in.

00:00 - 00:15 CEREMONY (HEART SUTRA in English) and Dedication
00:15 - 00:45 ZAZEN
00:45 - 00:55 KINHIN
00:55 - 01:25 ZAZEN

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