Sit-a-Long with Jundo: Zazen for Beginners (Part XIII)

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More in our series on "How To" Zazen ...

In "Just Sitting" Zazen Practice, we learn to take life like the weather ... Whatever comes, comes.

Thus, we practice sitting on the cushion with energy, dedication and effort ... all while dropping all goals, dropping all need to attain, dropping all judgments, dropping all resistance. Each moment on the cushion is complete, sacred, a perfect act, with not one thing to add, not one thing to take away.  What is attained thereby is attaining non-attaining.

And in this way, we encounter a way to live with energy, dedication, striving, moving forward in life ... all without need to attain, taking all as it comes. Action and stillness, all at once. No separation from life, just as it is. Each moment of life is complete, sacred, with not one thing to add, not one thing to take away  ... even when not as we think it "should be", even as we work to make better what needs to be made better.

Click through to watch today's talk, and to "sit-a-long":

There is no bad Zazen, not even the "bad" Zazen, when the mind is filled with storming clouds of thoughts and emotions. There is no Zazen that is incomplete, even though we turn again and again to letting the thoughts and emotions drift from mind.

There is no bad weather, even the "bad" weather. The rain is just the rain ... the sunshine, just the sunshine ...  even though we might desire one more than the other. We can put on our boots, seek shelter, even while letting the rain just pour down, sometimes soaking us to the bone. Acceptance, and running for cover, at once!

Likewise, there is no aspect of life that is incomplete, although there are many things about it we may wish to to change, wish were otherwise, must work to repair. Acceptance, and wish for change/working for change, at once!

This is the taste of life ... complete even when not as we desire ... that we can learn to taste inShikantaza Zazen.

Below is today's Sit-A-Long video. Remember: recording ends soon after the beginning bells; a sitting time of 20 to 35 minutes is recommended.

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