RETREAT !! RETREAT!! (VII) - Oryoki Part II

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We will 'be dancing' a simple Oryoki for our 'Treeleaf Two-Day Online ROHATSU Retreat' ...

 ... Traditional Oryoki practice consists of scores of set movements for eating, each of which must be learned and mastered, much like a ballet. Here is a small sample, this merely for wiping and repacking the spoon, chopsticks and settsu (bowl washing stick) at the end of the meal ...

1) Pick up spoon in right hand with the handle pointing toward you. Put it in your left hand. Pick up setsu with right hand; put bowl of spoon into water in middle bowl and clean it with setsu. Do both sides. Hold spoon straight.

2) Put setsu in middle bowl, pointing straight out. Put spoon in right hand. With left hand, fold the exposed corner of the drying cloth over the bowl of the spoon without taking the cloth out of the Buddha bowl. Wipe bowl of spoon; turn spoon 180 degrees so bowl is pointing toward you and push it through cloth.

3) Spoon is now in your right hand, bowl down and pointing left. Without picking up utensil holder, slide spoon into it. (The opening in utensil holder should be on your right, with the fold on the left.)

4) Repeat steps 1) and 2) above with chopsticks.

5) In left hand pick up folded utensil holder that contains spoon. Slide sticks into utensil holder, toward you. Work utensils to bottom with right hand. Do not let utensils drop of their own weight.

6) Fold over the utensil holder and replace it in front of you, this time with the opening on the left. The pointed half is on top, with the opening down (not visible). Fold is now on the right.

We will be doing a simplified, sometimes improvised and creative version but, I hope, no less mindful. The attitude and spirit are the most important.


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