Sitting With The World

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My old buddy from Florida, Sid, sent me the following ... so much of the same cut as Shikantaza,   ... so beautifully stated ...

A few of the subtle points of Buddhist philosophy and Master Dogen aside, it is a lovely description of basic "Just Sitting".

It would be good to read it a few times and take it to heart. Here is the main part ...

Sitting With The World

Take a seat ...and just sit. .... Relax.  Don't try to do anything at all.  Don't try to make anything
come, don't try to make anything go leave.  Let everything do its own
work, chart its own course.

As you sit, just sit with the world, with whatever is there, all of the
arisings and passings away in your mind, body, and environment.  As you
notice sights and sounds, thoughts and feelings, memories and
anticipations, relax into them.  Relax your mind and body.  Actively do
nothing.  Make no efforts.  Just sit, just be, at least for now.

Let go of all of the things that frantically direct your day-to-day
existence: me, him, her, past, future, plans, desires, aversions, hopes,
goals, concerns, anticipations, fears, everything.  Don't grasp at
any of these things, don't resist any of them.  Just sit with
whatever is there.  Things naturally settle this way, and the mind comes
to peace.

The mentality is this.  There is nowhere that you need to go, nothing
that you need to achieve, no one that you need to be.  Those ideas are
illusions, fabrications of the mind.  You are complete and whole where
you are, just sitting with the world. ...


(remember: recording ends soon after the beginning bells;
a sitting time of 20 to 35 minutes is recommended)

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