Zazen Meditation with Jundo : Cars

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I was going to just share some happy news with everyone today: I passed my Japanese driver's license test (considered one of the hardest in the world, by the way, and I failed twice! They make it tough to drive here.).

I was just going to talk about how even Zen folks can have goals, things we want to achieve in life (like passing that test), how ... even though we embrace life just-as-it-is ... our  "self" will still feel a bit of frustration at times at the normal annoyances of life. That's just a normal part of life: Darn Japanese bureacracy, darn traffic rules!

But then, on the way home, I witnessed a car accident, a roll over right in front of my eyes. I actually helped pull the people, a grandmother and little girl, out the back window. Fortunately, they were wearing their seatbelts, so were only a little banged up. What could have been a real tragedy turned out just to be something to make the heart pump a bit.

Anyway, our subject today is .... cars!

I do not want to make light of that accident, but I did experience something amid it all ... sounds kinda corny, I know ...

Truly, there is that part of us that drives on a free-way spanning the ten directions, no traffic jams there, no limits, never obstructed.  We are always arriving at our destination.

That license to drive is always in your pocket, though you may not know it. 

(remember: recording ends soon after the beginning bells;
a sitting time of 20 to 35 minutes is recommended)

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