Zazen for Beginners (We're All Beginners) XI - Insta-Zazen©

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Although we usually practice Zazen sitting quietly, facing a wall ...

... we can practice Zazen anywhere. It is not limited by time or place. Nor is it simply a matter of sitting cross legged, standing, reclining, floating in a pond or falling through the air.

For anything, anywhere, anytime is Zazen if perceived as such.

Thus I recommend to everyone Jundo's Patented "Insta-Zazen" © throughout each day. You don't even have to "sit" for these "sittings". "Insta-Zazen" © can be of any length, starting from but a moment until infinite time (which may be the same!). We "Insta-Zazen" © at times in our day when just a bit of "Zen Mind"© will change our perspective on all things, when a touch of balance will bring life into balance ...

Just standing in a creeping postal line, in the dentist's chair, when the car won't start on a cold morning, when driving and stuck in traffic, when the computer crashes, waiting for the crossing light to change, the toast to toast, wherever and whenever ... just do what you do in Zazen, with the Lotus Position fully optional (it tends to get in the way while driving or having a root canal, although it might work in the postal line if you keep pushing along.).

This is actually not such a radical departure from "traditional" practice. Life in a Zen monastery, for example, is filled with countless opportunities to bring the "Way of Non-Seeking" tasted on the cushion into daily activities ... what's the difference between the "Dokusan" line and the postal line? Even monks need to wash the windows and do the laundry (folding and sorting socks is an excellent time for a bit of "Folding Kinhin". Each place is a place for Practice. In fact, if what we do on the cushion stays on the cushion, what's the point??

So, please try Jundo's Patented "Insta-Zazen Sittings" © throughout your day. In fact, for a limited time only, three (3) "Insta-Zazens" © can subsitute for one (1) traditional sitting (if sitting a minimum of (one) 1 or more traditional sittings each day. ).

Today I sit a bit on the train, between stations. There is no talk today, no opening or closing bells, not even sound. No special lesson. Just a guy sitting Zazen on the train ...

(remember: there are no beginning or ending bells today;
a sitting time of 20 to 35 minutes is recommended)

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