SIT-A-LONG with JUNDO: RETREAT - (Overture)

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Our world's first totally online 'Treeleaf Two-Day Rohatsu Retreat' is scheduled for LIVE NETCAST over the weekend of DECEMBER 6 and 7, 2008 (and available in recorded form after that, for participation any time 'On Demand'). DETAILS CLICK HERE ...

Hi Guys,

I am just going to leave everyone with a few closing words before our Retreat. (I am not going to post a new sitting today. If you want and have the time, please watch again some of the earlier 'sit-a-longs' on Oryoki, Bowing and such.). Just remember a few things ...

- Please down load and print out this short reading for my talk during the Retreat ...

- Whether this is a very rewarding and pleasant experience, or a tedious trial, is completely up to what you make of it ... in your own mind. That's one of the points! Make it difficult, and it will be. Relax and go with the flow, and you will!

- If the technology fails us (and it likely will at some point), we just sit with what is. If there is no netcast or recording for a time, we will be back (I hope). Just follow along on your own in the meantime. As the Beatles might sing, "There's nothing that's missed that can't be missed". Nothing ever missing even when missing. But loosely KEEP TRACK OF TIME in case our bells can't be heard.

- Although you should not give up and give in too easily, ours is not a way of self punishment. If sitting in one position too long is difficult, change position freely (e.g., move from Lotus, to Burmese to even a chair ... maybe not recline, as it is too easy to fall asleep). Walk lots of Kinhin, even if during a Zazen period. We will be sitting lots and lots of Zazen ... take it easy.

- If you would like to have an interview with me during the Retreat, or have questions come up, I am available. I will be checking e-mails during break times (check the schedule I provided for our live sitting in Japan). I am available to chat by insta-messaging on Skype (code name: keizandogen), or even video conference if someone wants. Just give me a couple of hours prior notice, and select a time for the meeting which is a Zazen time without other activity (e.g., not an Oryoki time or other ceremony or talk). I can chat with you by e-mail/messaging/video conference during such times. Just say, "Jundo, can you meet with me 5 minutes into the X:00 O'clock Zazen?" If I am unoccupied then, I will. (Again, your computer should not be used for web surfing, and only for purposes of this Retreat). My email remains jundotreeleaf[a]

-Finally, Dirk, Jools, Daniel, Jim, Tina, Rowan ... so many others ... you will be sitting with us in the same room here, no matter where you are. Between not thinking, I will be thinking of you all.

Gassho and Thank You ... Let's Get Ready to Rohatsu Rumble!! ... Jundo

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