SIT-A-LONG with JUNDO: Eiheiji

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Today, Will and I joined up with Hans to sit at "Eiheiji Betsuin Chokoji" Temple in Tokyo, an active training temple which is a branch of Eiheiji Head Temple. We sat with the open Monday Zazenkai.

Like yesterday, though, we could not bring cameras into the sitting, so there is no recording today. But please know that we three were sitting with all the other Treeleafers the whole time. They chant Fukanzazengi there, and Hans did it in his great baritone.

"Eiheiji Betsuin" is a very good place. One of my favorite parts is its famous, giant 4-story Kannon ... That's a BIG Kannon! Looks ready (except for the compasion, of course) to stomp on Tokyo in a Japanese monster movies!

Please sit-a-long-(in spirit) with-Will, Hans and Jundo.

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