SIT-A-LONG with JUNDO: Opinions without Opinions

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Buddhists, like anyone, must have some opinions ... our favorite movie, whether god exists, our views on social issues, etc.

But there are some differences in how Buddhists hold opinions ...

First, while holding opinions, we simultaneously know a view of reality beyond opinions ... a universe without thought of likes and dislikes, this or that, picking and choosing, being or not being, all discrimination.

Second, we should not be so attached to our opinions, we should not clutch them too tightly. We should hold them lightly.

Third, we often can refuse to hold an opinions on matters that might trouble others, and that not holding of an opinion on truth --IS-- our truth. For example, some folks might want to debate whether their religion and god is "true" and the religion and god of other people "false". In the face of that kind of debate, Buddhists might simply drop all thought of religion/no religion, of which god is which or is at all ... and just smile.


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