SIT-A-LONG with JUNDO: Zazenkai II

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Please see the sitting schedule for our Retreat of November 10th, if participating ...

In preparation for our Retreat on November 10th, a little discussion about chanting the Heart Sutra in English. Tomorrow, we will discuss chanting the Heart Sutra in Japanese. Both can be downloaded here:

For today, I will just be practicing the beginning of the English version ...


Maha Prajna Paramita Heart Sutra*
(The Great Sutra of Perfect Understanding)


A/vo/lo/ki/tes/va/ra/ Bo/dhi/satt/va/,

Prac/ti/cing/ deep/ Praj/na/ Pa/ra/mi/ta/ *

Per/ceived/ the/ emp/ti/ness/ of /all /five /con/di/tions/,

And/ was/ freed/ of/ suf/fer/ing/.

O/ Sha/ri/pu/tra/, form/ is/ no/ o/ther/ than/ emp/ti/ness/,

Emp/ti/ness/ no/ o/ther/ than/ form/;

Form/ is/ pre/cise/ly/ emp/ti/ness/, emp/ti/ness/ pre/cise/ly/ form/.

... and the end ...

This/ is/ no/ o/ther/ than/ truth/.

There/fore/ set/ forth/ the/ Praj/na/ Pa/ra/mi/ta/ man/tra/.

Set/ forth/ this/ man/tra/ and/ pro/claim/:*


Gate! Gate! (Gone, Gone)

Paragate! (Gone Beyond)

Parasamgate! (Fully Beyond)

Bodhi! Svaha! (Awakening, Rejoice)

If you would like to hear an Mp3 of a somewhat different version in English (just to hear the rhythm), link here:

Press on arrow for 'play'

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