SIT-A-LONG with JUNDO: Let Go of Everything

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A beautiful observation was made in discussion on our Forum today ...

Renunciation requires a willingness to let go of EVERYTHING...your thoughts, your feelings, your wishes, dreams, hopes. Everything really does mean everything.

I think this is true in part, yet not true in part. It is true that, through our Buddhist Practice, we come to embody perspectives by which thoughts, feelings, wishes, etc. are fully dropped away ... there is nothing to think, no emotion arising, nothing to wish for beyond what is. We abandon likes, dislikes, memories and dreams of the future. We are like stones and flowers.

It it also true that, in renunciation, we embody non-attachment to our human thoughts, feelings and desires. We learn to recognize our thoughts and feelings as just the temporary workings of the mind, circumstances at a given moment. We do not cling to our hopes and desires, are freed of disappointment when dreams are not attained. We give up desires and cravings.

Yet, it is not true too ... for human beings will not and cannot maintain such states and perspectives, not always or even most times, not if we are to live as humans in the world. We are not like stones and flowers. We must live as if our thoughts and feelings are real. We must possess likes, dislikes, memories and dreams ... and will feel the sting of loss, of hopes and desires that do not bear fruit.

We live from all these perspectives at once, like sides of a single coin.

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