SIT-A-LONG with JUNDO: Fukanzazengi C

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To mark the end of our talks on Fukanzazengi, I thought to chant the original text (and talk a little about chanting).

I'm no Pavarotti, so you may wish to consider this as practice in sitting with disturbing noises: e.g., car alarms, dogs barking, babies' crying, Jundo's singing voice ...

If, by some chance, you would like to try chanting along, you can print out this (supplied by another teacher in Nishijima Roshi's Lineage, my brother Ven. Eric Rommeluère of Paris). As you will hear, each syllables gets its own beat, and those syllables with a mark over the vowel (and syllables ending in the letter 'n' , and those ending in a double consonant like 'tt' or 'ss') get a double beat. Due to mistransciptions, the version in the English alphabet here may be slightly different on a couple of syllables from the Japanese version I will be using. And I may get tongue tied once in awhile, so please keep along!)


Fukanzazengi in Master Dogen's own hand.
Press on arrow for 'play'


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