SIT-A-LONG with JUNDO: Eightfold Path II

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The second branch of the 'Eightfold Path' is 'Right Intention' ... also spoken of as 'Right Aspiration' 'Right Thought' or 'A Will to the Truth' ...

... This is not some "black/white" promise to find "the one right answer", to never make a mistake, or to always "do the one right thing".

Instead, it is an aspiration to, as best we can, seek for wholesome conduct through a commitment to Practice. We aim to live in a way, as we can, (1) which softens and frees us from the dissatisfaction (Dukkha) brought about by inner desire and craving, while embracing life 'just as it is', (2) which nurtures good will and loving-kindness, reducing feelings of anger and aversion, and (3) which aspires to the avoidance of harm through thoughts, words or deeds, and to the development of Compassion.

In other words ... it is just the will to live, as best we can, a peaceful, healthful and nonharmful life ... at one with life and the world as-they-are ... through our Buddhist Practice.

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