SIT-A-LONG with JUNDO: Still More Non-Attachment

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The key to "Non-Attachment" is a loosening, or fading away, of a hard sense of 'self' ...

... because it is the self that is selfish, it is the self that has self needs, it is the self that wants to please itself, it is the self that is afraid of death and loss of itself, it is the self that needs money and power and fame to reinforce its sense of self, it is the self that judges other selves in comparison of 'failure' or 'success', it is the self that can't keep itself still ... etc. etc.

... but for some reason (and you have to trust me on this ... it just happens) the sense of self relaxes, or fades away, in the act of goalless, non-attaining, 'just sitting' Zazen.

And as the self is dropped (although, of course, the self remains too ... for we continue to live in the world ... self/no self becoming like two sides of a single coin) ... there is less selfishness, less need, there is the pleasure of not needing to be pleased, no fear of death for nothing to lose, no dependence on material achievements, no way to fail or succeed, simple stillness with no place else to go.


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