SIT-A-LONG with JUNDO: Fukanzazengi LXIII

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Zazen is perfect enlightenment, the Buddha's enlightenment.

Just sitting, in the universe itself ... legs crossed and spine straight ... untouched by restrictions, hindrances, obstructions or distractions ... balance of body-mind ... no 'you' to resist the world, no 'world' to be resisted ... you are experiencing the Buddha's enlightenment ...

... just the Buddha experiencing the Buddha's enlightenment.

No gap. Nothing more to attain.

That to be completed ... all complete.

It is vital to trust in this.

What is called sitting-Zen is not learning Zen meditation. It is just a peaceful and effortless gate to reality. It is practice-and-experience which perfectly realizes the Buddha's enlightenment. The Universe is realized, untouched by restrictions or hindrances. To grasp this meaning is to be like a dragon that has found water, or like a tiger before a mountain stronghold. Remember, true reality is naturally manifesting itself before us, and gloom and distraction vanish at a stroke. [NISHIJIMA]

The zazen I speak of is not meditation practice. It is simply the dharma gate of joyful ease, the practice-realization of totally culminated enlightenment. It is the koan realized; traps and snares can never reach it. If you grasp the point, you are like a dragon gaining the water, like a tiger taking to the mountains. For you must know that the true dharma appears of itself, so that from the start dullness and distraction are struck aside. [SZTP]


Ceremony of Cleaning the Great Buddha, Nara, Japan
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