SIT-A-LONG with JUNDO: Shake Shake

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When we woke up this morning, the passing typhoon had left the skies crystal clear. Now the skies have clouded again, the rain has returned, and we've felt strong earthquakes several times today ... the last about an hour ago. Several people on the other side of Japan died, houses and bridges fell. It started a fire at the nuclear power plant (fortunately, they say, a small one). Here, our windows and tables shook a bit.

Our Zen practice is about accepting life ... yet we also take precautions, carry an umbrella and put on our boots if the forecast is for rain. (Later this week, I hope to sit Zazen with you at our Treeleaf Zendo, where anti-earthquake construction work is starting ... I don't think it is too late!). Embracing what the future might bring does not mean we cannot plan for that future ... if we have time.

However, when the rains come ... prepared or unprepared ... let it rain.

If an earthquake shakes up our lives ... just shake, shake!

The typhoon's heavy rains flooded the archaeological dig next to our house ... I feel sad for the poor archaeologists. who now have nothing but a 9th century mud hole where they had been excavating. I guess that some of the remains they found had stayed safely buried for 1000 years, only to be washed away yesterday. I am sure that they will just start digging tomorrow where they had left off.

In the middle of our sitting, the farmer next door turned on his noisy sprayer motor. It was okay to just sit with the big noise, no problem ... 'quiet' being a state of mind. (However, the motor may have interfered with our wireless signal and cut the netcast, so please self-time if someone is sitting along).

I guess the theme for today is ... whatever the weather, let the sun shine or the rain fall (let loud motors roar, and the internet sputter).

When the earthquake comes ... SHAKE, SHAKE!

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