SIT-A-LONG with JUNDO: Fukanzazengi XV

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Just one more balding, slightly fat, middle aged ex-hippy with an earring and a beard ...

Moreover, remembering the natural sage of Jetavana park, we can still see the traces of his six years of upright sitting.We can still hear rumors of the transmitter of the mind-seal at Shaolin [Bodhidharma], spending nine years facing the wall. The ancient saints were like that already: how could people today fail to practice wholeheartedly? [Nishijima]

Consider the Buddha: although he was wise at birth, the traces of his six years of upright sitting can yet be seen. As for Bodhidharma, although he had received the mind-seal, his nine years of facing a wall is celebrated still. If even the ancient sages were like this, how can we today dispense with wholehearted practice? [SZTP}

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