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Thread: Sundarananda

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    The indomitable Mike Cross has allowed me to make his translation efforts of Sundarananda available for all.
    Spoken from his own mouth, available on itunes...

    Semper Fi
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    Yours in practice,
    Jordan ("Fu Ken" translates to "Wind Sword", Dharma name givin to me by Jundo, I am so glad he did not name me Wind bag.)

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    Thank you for to Brother Mike Cross for his efforts, and to you Jordan. Lovely.

    Gassho, Jundo


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    Mike is an amazing translator and this is indeed a precious gift. Thank you to my teacher Chodo Cross and thank you Jordan.



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    Wow what a great resource. Thank you so much! Downloading now.


    We don't see things as they are, we see them as we are.
    ~Anas Nin

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    Thank you Fuken for sharing this and Mike Cross for his efforts.

    Deep bows


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    A deep bow of gratitude to Fuken, and to Mike Cross!


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    Waaaaaay cool! Downloading them all today Thank you to Mr. Cross for making these talks available and to Fuken for sharing this with us 🙏
    Ho (Dharma)
    Yu (Hot Water)

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    Thanks Fuken

    I am only a novice priest. Do not just accept what I say but decide for yourself if it rings true.

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    Had never heard of it, but looks interesting. Here is some info on Asvaghosa for those interested.
    Kaishin (Open Heart aka Matt)
    Please take this layman's words with a grain of salt.

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    Thank You Fuken.

    As a priest in training, please take everything I say with a pinch of salt

    Meido Shugen
    明道 修眼

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