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Thread: Stepping away from Treeleaf

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    Stepping away from Treeleaf

    hey all,

    I only write this because folks here are so kind-hearted and I'd hate it if anyone said "What happened to that SonofRage guy?" and worried, but it is with some sadness that I have to let everyone know that I am stepping away from the Treeleaf sangha.

    When I first joined Treeleaf, I was a very new father who was unable to visit his temple or engage with a teacher for many months due to the time contraints that come with having a newborn child. Just a month before I joined Treeleaf, I finally went back to my temple and ended up having to call an ambulance after my teacher was discovered on the floor of the bathroom barely conscious and unresponsive. My teacher, Myo Ji Sunim, passed away a few days later having never regained consciousness.

    So, I joined Treeleaf when I was in a place of seeking a new teacher. Recently, I guess I've started to realize/accept that I seem to have more "karmic affinity" with Korean Seon style practice(s) and have been able to make time to visit my old temple again on a regular basis. As a result, my primary practice has shifted from Shikantaza to Hwadu or Ganhwa Seon under the guidance of Do Am Sunim in the Kwan Um School of Zen.

    Jundo has made clear, both publicly and privately, that Treeleaf is centered on Shikantaza and Soto Practice. As such, it is not really appropriate for me to participate here when Shikantaza has not been my practice and I have been working with a teacher from another tradition.

    Please don't take this at all to be a slight against Jundo, Taigu, or Treeleaf! To be able to practice the dharma in this way is a precious precious gift that you should all treasure. I wish you all the best on your path, as I know you wish me on mine. If there's anything I can help with from a technology standpoint, I will always be happy to lend my assistance.

    yours in the dharma,


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    Stepping away from Treeleaf

    Take care Sam,
    I wish you all the best.
    Sometimes we need to follow our hearts.
    And thank you for your post.


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    Re: Stepping away from Treeleaf

    No worries, brother! My wife is now practicing in the Kwan Um lineage as well

    Take care in your practice.


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    Re: Stepping away from Treeleaf

    All the best,



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    Re: Stepping away from Treeleaf

    Thanks Sam for your beautiful commitment to the Dharma and yourself. Hopefully we can stay in touch.



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    Re: Stepping away from Treeleaf

    Hey Sam,

    I will miss you and I carry the highest hopes for your future. I am sorry to read about the circumstances around your teacher's passing.

    Keep up your good practice.

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    Re: Stepping away from Treeleaf


    Take care.
    We'll be here, so don't be a stranger.


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    Stepping away from Treeleaf

    I am glad you are in a fulfilling practice, and appreciate your commitment to the path. I particularly respect your openness and integrity. All the best and I hope we meet again! Fair winds to you and your family -

    A deep bow,

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    Re: Stepping away from Treeleaf


    Deep bows to you and your practice and best wishes for your journey.

    But as Fugen says, we're always here and don't be a stranger!


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    Re: Stepping away from Treeleaf

    Take care Sam and thank you for your efforts!
    different paths up the same mountain and I am glad you are able to reconnect!


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    Re: Stepping away from Treeleaf

    Later on Sam, and thank you for your devotion to the dharma.


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    Re: Stepping away from Treeleaf

    Thank you for your contributions Sam. Best of luck to you and your family. Nice to know in the big picture we are still together so not a sad goodbye


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    Re: Stepping away from Treeleaf

    Sam, if you find some spare time, drop in and visit, and share your experiences in your tradition. All the best to you! Gassho, Grace.

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    Re: Stepping away from Treeleaf

    Have a great journey and always fell welcome here.



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    Re: Stepping away from Treeleaf

    I respect you for following your heart and understanding your karmic affinity, a term which I believe I understand well and have experienced before.


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    Re: Stepping away from Treeleaf

    Gassho Sam,
    sounds you are on your path, I'm very happy for you and as
    others said, you're always welcome here.
    Take Care
    Peter Myoku

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    Re: Stepping away from Treeleaf

    Sam, thx for the update. Its important to be comfortible with your practice style and teacher. I remain your friend in the dharma and hope you check in from time to time to take what you need and leave the rest.

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    Re: Stepping away from Treeleaf

    Take care, Sam!



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    Re: Stepping away from Treeleaf

    Take care dude! I hope you drop by once in a while

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    Re: Stepping away from Treeleaf

    Take care Sam

    gaté, gaté, paragaté, parasamgaté, bodhi svaha

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    Re: Stepping away from Treeleaf

    Hi Sam,

    Happy to hear that you are in a position to follow your heart. Please visit us here from time to time!


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