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Thread: There is some light to cary on ...

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    There is some light to cary on ...

    Recent times have been a bit uncomfortable for me. A good friends dad died. Not even a week later another good friends cousin died. I have been reading "to meet the real dragon" from Nishijima Roshi in February, and we all know he's not in good health. Just today I discovered that "Dogen Sangha International" does not exist anymore (see Brad Warner Blog All this leaves a strong feeling of impermanence, which is good in some way, even though it might be a bit too present currently.
    But what I really want to express is how I feel we have some responsibility to carry on the light of Master Dogens teachings. I'm grateful for this sangha including our teachers, priests in training AND everyone else here. We not all have to become a teacher, but we all form the boat to carry the light through the rough waters of delusion. Thanks you for taking care of the light,

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    Re: There is some light to cary on ...

    I think the only light you can carry is your own. We don't carry Dogen's light, Brad's light, Jundo's light, or anyone else's.

    Dogen's teachings are well-made, but even his teachings aren't the reality of it, IMHO. How could they be? Even with the best teachings I think you have to rise up and meet them. What is it that rises up? The teachings meet the teachings.

    Hence, the demise of a Sangha is just the natural order of things. This sangha will eventually end too.

    I was reading the comments on Brad's blog and they seemed positively 4chan. Anonymous potshots, occassional bits of wisdom, and nearly un-directed anger. It seems like a personification of John Gabriel's Greater Internet Dickwad Theory (it's worth looking up). This isn't really even a reflection on Brad or Zen - its just what anonymity brings, I guess.

    All just IMHO,


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    Re: There is some light to cary on ...

    Alas, no composite things last forever, and all change.

    Even you and me (though, take your vitamins ... cause no reason to speed things along! 8) )

    Fortunately, we know something beyond time.

    Nonetheless, even Buddhas and whole universes eventually come to an end ... if not in one lifetime, than some Kalpa down the road.

    However, new Buddhas and new universes are also born too.

    All, of course, amid something beyond even birth and death!

    Just ride life's highway ...

    Gassho, J

    PS - I have not had any new word on Nishijima Roshi, but I do not believe he is in a good way healthwise.

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    Re: There is some light to cary on ...

    Thank you Chet, Jundo,
    I think my words might be quite misleading; I didnt intend to complain about impermanence. I'm ok with change and within that changing everything there is something i called the light; maybe I should have said "buddhist teachings" or "Dharma" which is to e carried on. And I partly disagree, Chet, though this is not Nishijimas, Dogens, Brads or Jundo's light I feel its also not my light in a sense of the personal small "me", its our light or "the" light which is worth carrying on. And this carrying on of the light can be an "effortless" or not-pushed carrying, it can happen naturally, but still someone has to do it and I want to express my gratitude for everyone here doing so.
    I hope this further confused my probably confusing first post :-D

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