I had sent a few questions to Jundo. He asked me to post them along with his answers here. This is one of them.

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... we are constantly told that one of the key tenets of Buddhism is the idea of anatman, no-Self. Yet some of the Mahayana sutras in the tathagatagarbha and Yogacara traditions seem to put for a notion that there IS indeed some element that is unchanging. In the former case, the idea of the Buddha-nature being a "seed" that always exists, waiting to bloom.
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Well, you are exactly right. At certain points in Mahayana history, and in certain Sutras such as the Mahaparinirvana, a great Cosmic Self was claimed by some of those sutra authors ... maybe called the Dharmakaya Buddha, or Tathagatagarbha. Some feel that it was the creeping influence of Hinduism and "Bhrahma" as the Great Cosmic One that crept back into Buddhism.

This is a big topic, and I must head to bed now. I want to say a bit more.