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    Re: Rituals

    thX taigu for answering some of my questions, i founded hard to sleep last night having many toughts about how radical the changes in rituals can be without stepping aside from the true practice.

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    Re: Rituals

    Thank you for that. My first dharma experiences were in the Tibetan tradition here in France, where everyone tried to be as Tibetan as they could. I guess that's one extreme, but it really turned me off. As always, a middle way: take some, leave some, what you need will make itself clear.

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    Re: Rituals

    Thank you kindly for this very clear explanation of our form of practice

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    Re: Rituals

    Thank you Taigu,
    I like that "practice the rituals and THEN decide whether to change them" ... I like it,
    certainly my likes and dislikes have strong opinions about what to drop :-D But lets
    do it first, lets live it first.

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    Re: Rituals

    Quote Originally Posted by Myoku
    I like that "practice the rituals and THEN decide whether to change them" ... But lets
    do it first, lets live it first.
    Exactly...thank you Taigu!



    PS - Up on podcast now.

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    Thank you Rev Taigu,
    I will whole-heartedly bow, gassho, sit and sew a Rakusu.
    If I would start chanting my wife would probably move out, so between the two I choose the wife. Incense I can do without. There are not many insects where I sit, I have a clock and it smells.


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    Re: Rituals

    Myoku wrote:
    I like that "practice the rituals and THEN decide whether to change them" ... But lets
    do it first, lets live it first.
    This also struck me deeply!
    Wonderful talk Taigu Sensei.
    Also, Thank you for being there with all your love and support for us during Jukai _/_

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    Re: Rituals

    Cristal clear! Thank you Taigu!


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    Re: Rituals

    As always thank you for the gift of your time and effort. Gassho Shogen

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    Re: Rituals

    Thank you for this talk, Taigu. I am still unfamiliar with some of the Japanese forms, but the basic template is the same throughout the different traditions of Buddha Dharma. Personally I love these forms, they are beautiful, simple gestures. My first Zen teacher described prostrations (for instance) as being like water flowing down to lowest ground, over and over, free of all pretension. These forms are an important part of letting-go, IMO.

    Anyway, I'm glad they aren't being jettisoned willy nilly here at Treeleaf.

    Gassho. Kojip

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    Re: Rituals



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    Re: Rituals

    I had some reluctance towards bowing, untill hearing Taigu and Jundo here explaining how it works, so to speak, and now bowing and gassho are an integral part of my ritual. It really helps me to feel more connected and compasionate. I've been able to stop verbal fights with people with the simple act of gassho. Sometimes I don't even do the gesture, and I just gassho in my head, and it works too!

    Thanks for the talk Taigu, and thank you for how you lead the retreat. I think it was a perfect mix of ritual and feeling cozy and at home



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    Re: Rituals

    one of the first thing explained in our dojo

    thanks for the reminder

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    Re: Rituals

    I really wanted to ask about rituals, so this teaching was in perfect timing.

    Thank you Taigu San.

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    Re: Rituals

    Thank you for this talk. I have only in the last few months begun to practice Soto Zen wholeheartedly as a religion, with its rituals and chants. For years I kept it at arms length, thinking Shikantaza was sufficent. I had not embodied or understood the notion of compassion in our practice, in bowing, in the three refuges, in the precepts. My sitting was incomplete - it was, to borrow your terminology, a "wellness practice." This was the primary reason I participated in Jukai for a second time yesterday. I am happy, and humbled tremendously now to say I practice a religion.

    Your comment about incense bringing back "unpleasant" memories for some was right on mark - I grew up in the Greek Orthodox church, replete with icons, candles, and incense. It's quite interesting really, as of late I have found beeswax candles to burn on my altar, exactly like the ones I remember from my youth. I don't know why, and sometimes it makes me uncomfortable, but the purpose of this practice is not necessarily to be comforted. I recall a minister's admonition: "our job is to comfort those who are afflicted, and afflict those who are comfortable..." Now I would like to keep bees, just like Father Andreas, the village priest of my youth (he made wine as well!) :lol:


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    Re: Rituals

    Thank you, Taigu. A very important and timely message. I think I will do 108 bows like the Koreans until the bows just bow.

    P.S. I shaved my head/beard for Jukai, just to drop my vanity and see what it might feel like for a monk. I'm letting it grow back!... but I'm glad I did it. Just do it, eh.

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    Re: Rituals

    I laughed when I heard "Shave your head if you can". I think my husband would be very upset with me if I shaved my long, red curly hair :lol:

    Thanks for this teaching Taigu,

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    Re: Rituals

    Thank you Taigu.

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    Re: Rituals

    Thank you Taigu Sensei! I love that Rakusu.



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    Re: Rituals

    Truly live the rituals before you decide to discard them. Thanks Taigu.

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    Re: Rituals

    Quote Originally Posted by Daido
    Truly live the rituals before you decide to discard them. Thanks Taigu.
    Thanks very much for the talk. I feel daido summed things up very well. Personally I find the rituals an aid to help ground me in the present moment. I will now ensure I truly live the rituals now.

    I always have wanted to shave my head before I found the practice. Only problem is my wife would throw me out! She expects me to wear a turban and grow a beard I can never shave off. I guess we have met half way!



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    Re: Rituals

    Thank you very much, Taigu-san, for these wonderful words.

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    Re: Rituals

    Thank you Taigu. I find a pure bow renews everything, vow and practice.

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    Re: Rituals

    Thank you for your teaching, Taigu. You bring a warm depth of meaning to simple gestures. I was doing a short, fast gassho, out of shyness and being self-conscious, but now, seeing it as connecting and compassion, I understand the full meaning of the gestures/bows, and promise to be more conscious of connecting with those around me...your teaching and reminder is wonderful.

    Deep Gassho,


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    Re: Rituals

    Even if it is true that rituals involve both the vertical and the horizontal directions, I more and more experience them as an expression of the non dual and a sweeping-giving-offering-dropping that touches the most distant horizons.

    Please. perform them without being negligent and without indulgence ... do them simply, directly, in a non complicated way.



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