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Thread: More readings on precepts

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    More readings on precepts

    The latest Mountain Record just arrived, and it has a wonderful passage from Heart of Being on the precepts as they relate to the environment, as well as a Fusatsu talk.

    You can access both (and more) online:

    Precepts and the environment http://dharma.net/mountainrecord/cur...e-environment/

    Fusatsu talk http://dharma.net/mountainrecord/cur...k-of-our-time/ (I'm afraid this link will expire in 3 months. I am referring to the Fall 2011 issue)

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    Re: More readings on precepts

    Thank you Nindo,
    much appreciated and right spot on. Can one subscribe to an email newsletter or RSS feed or something there ? I could only find some subscription of a mag being sent to one physically, which wouldn't do for me, I'm not in the US.

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    Re: More readings on precepts


    I used to subscribe to the magazine when I was living in NY. I think they have international shipping, if you still want to get it, it's just more expensive. However, most of their talks are posted on their website here http://mro.org/zmm/teachings/.

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    Re: More readings on precepts

    Hi Peter,
    no they don't have a feed, given that the mag appears only four times a year. You'll just have to go back to the site every now and then, and also have a look at the Archives.
    ZMM has an email newsletter, but it is about their programs and events, not the magazine.

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    Re: More readings on precepts

    Andy, Nindo,
    Thank you

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