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Thread: Alive Enough?

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    Alive Enough?

    Hey y'all; I was split about which forum to stick this in, but here it is. I was listening to On Being, a radio show on NPR, last week and heard an interview with Sherry Turkle. Here's the summary from their website:

    Sherry Turkle directs the MIT Initiative on Technology and Self. Her book, Alone Together, created a catchword for anxiety about the alienating potential of technology. But that's not really her message. We explore the real challenge she poses that we can and must lead examined lives with our digital objects actively shaping technology to human purposes.

    A lot of the topics covered in the interview resonate with me, not the least because I believe some of these concepts are at work in Treeleaf. The discussion provides a great opportunity for reflection & conversation with friends & family.

    Podcast: http://being.publicradio.org/programs/2011/ccp-turkle/

    I could go on for days about how much I love On Being, but I won't.


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    Re: Alive Enough?

    Thank you, Shujin. I've downloaded and will listen on my ride home this evening. Sounds quite interesting.

    P.S. Three other great podcasts I love: This American Life, Radiolab, and Freakonomics -- all worth adding to your "podroll"!

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    Re: Alive Enough?

    Hi Shujin,

    Always looking for interesting podcasts to pass the time on the 45 minute drive to work. Downloaded this one and will be listening to it tomorrow morning! Thanks for sharing

    Matt wrote:
    P.S. Three other great podcasts I love: This American Life, Radiolab, and Freakonomics -- all worth adding to your "podroll"!
    Haven't listened to the other two but Radiolab is a must! A wonderful podcast which I can attest to!


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    Re: Alive Enough?

    Thanks for the references, guys. I've been listening to music podcasts for years during my commute, but for some reason am only just now coming around to talk programs.


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