The Nishijima Cross translation goes as follows:

Daibutsu would like to tell Shakky? the fol-
lowing: “Before, when you grabbed Seid?’s nostrils, if you wanted to grasp
space, you should have grabbed the nostrils of yourself, Shakky?, and you
should have understood how to grasp the fingertips with the fingertips.” Even
so, Shakky? does know a bit about the dignified behavior of grasping space.
Even a good player at grasping space needs to research the interior and exte-
rior of space, needs to research the deadening and vitalization of space, and
needs to know the lightness and weight of space. We should maintain and
rely upon [the teaching] that the effort in pursuit of the truth, the establish-
ment of the mind, the practice and experience, and the assertions and ques-
tions of buddhas and of patriarchs are just the grasping of space.
My late master, Tend? Nyoj?, the eternal buddha, says: “The whole
body like a mouth, hanging in space.”
Clearly, the whole body of space is suspended in space.
Grasping space is extra. This reality in this reality, this space in this space practice, teach and preach the Dharma. Like the empty mouth of a bell, space moves in space.[/video]]