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Thread: SIT-A-LONG with Taigu: Cloud self

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    SIT-A-LONG with Taigu: Cloud self[/video]]

    This lovely poem of Dogen is an attempt to convey through sound and breaths his real and original face. The mountain of samadhi, the moon of awakening, the white and changing nature of rice, cloud and water. This is also a precise description of what takes plcae when one sits, the no-self being realised when everything is invited adn included in a lively process of expanding in all directions.

    On a portrait of myself
    1249, Echizen

    Fresh, clear spirit covers old mountain man this autumn.
    Donkey stares at the sky ceiling: glowing white moon floats.
    Nothing approaches. Nothing else included.
    Buoyant, I let myself go~filled with gruel, filled with rice.
    Lively flapping from head to tail,
    sky above, sky beneath, cloud self, water origin.

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    Re: Cloud self

    Thank you for the buoyancy! I needed a lift this dark Irish evening.
    And deep bows to the person that gave you the Rakusu. It is wonderful work. Itís great and just to see a man that has dedicated his life to the Kesa finally being honoured. Much merit to the diligent maker.

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    Re: Cloud self

    Beautiful teaching! Thank you Taigu!

    deep gassho,

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    Re: Cloud self

    A very timely lesson! Thank so very much!! That is one gorgeous Rakusu from a very wonderful and inspiring Buddha! To that unnamed Buddha, Deep bows to you for your teaching (and for inspiring)!


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    Re: Cloud self

    Thank you, Rev. Taigu.

    Much metta,


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    Re: Cloud self

    Radiant Moon! gassho zak

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    Re: Cloud self

    What Shohei said.


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    Re: Cloud self

    What Ron IS.



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    Re: Cloud self

    Thanks Zak, the moon is on your side...
    Moon watching-being moon



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    Re: Cloud self

    I had to cut down a huge Ash tree in my back yard recently. It now feels like that popular fridge magnet, " The barn burnt down, now I can see the moon."

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    Re: Cloud self

    Thank you Taigu for a lovely teaching, nice Rakusu too.



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