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Thread: Buddha-Basics (Part IX) — Effortlessly Efforting Right

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    Buddha-Basics (Part IX) — Effortlessly Efforting Right

    The sixth branch of the Eightfold Path is Right Effort, the effort to put into Practice the links of the Path within our life… to keep on keepin’ on. We should be diligent, and stick with it.

    We persevere, even those times when we just don’t feel like making the effort. Right Intention is the aspiration to do so, while Right Effort is the will to make the day-by-day slog… But we also learn that, as “Just Sitting” Shikantaza, effort can be effortless, that we move ahead with nowhere to go… that every step of a steep climb is one step, and one step, and one stepa total arriving

    CLICK HERE for today’s Sit-A-Long video.

    Remember: recording ends soon after the beginning bells; a sitting time of 20 to 35 minutes is recommended.
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    sat today

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    Right effort. Yep! Needed that talk!


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    Thanks Jundo, a very apt talk to keep the mind focussed at the beginning of the year. It was really cold when I went out to sit in my garage first thing this morning, but your reminder of right effort helped get out there to sit!


    Sat today (cold but motivated!)

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    Thanks for the teaching.
    Sat Today

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    Gracias Jundo, Thank you for all you do. You really make me laugh.

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    Thank you Jundo
    I needed this Today


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    Much needed Jundo
    GASSHO 🙏🏻
    Sat today

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    Thank you Jundo. Very motivated


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    "it can be made effortless if we drop the resistance"
    What a beautiful teaching, that can be applied to so much in life.
    Thank you Jundo.

    John Miller

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