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Thread: Hi!!

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    There are a few names I remember here... some of you may remember me. I'm Karl, from northern NJ in the USA. I had been a regular and very involved poster here some time back, but was abruptly yanked away by military obligations. I have recently completed all my active duty and reserve necessities, and I'm DONE. It's noce to be back, nice to see names I "know," and I hope to be a good (as good as I can be, anyway,) contributor to the conversations on here.
    Nice to see you, nice to be back, nice to be a civillian.

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    Re: Hi!!

    I wasn't here when you were before, but I'm glad you came back, Karl.

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    Re: Hi!!

    Welcome back from another new face,



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    Re: Hi!!

    Heya! Welcome back


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    Re: Hi!!

    Hi Karl,

    Welcome back from someone who didn't know you back then, but is happy to do so now. And congratulations on your return to civilian life.

    Gassho, Jikyo

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    Re: Hi!!

    Welcome back - thank you for your service, and I know you are delighted to be a civilian again - well done!


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