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Thread: No Beginning, No End

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    No Beginning, No End

    Hello everyone,

    I just finished reading No Beginning, No End by Jakusho Kwong (successor of Suzuki-roshi) and there is a quote by Hoitsu Suzuki-roshi (on the first page!), Shunryu Suzuki's son, that I thought explains our practice in a simple, but powerful way.

    "When the sun first comes up and shines on you, he said, your shadow is big behind you. But as you continue to sit, your shadow gets smaller and smaller, until finally it's just Buddha sitting there.

    This is a very important quote. It's not about intellectual knowledge of Zen. The practice is what's important. Sitting without any judgements, expectations, or thoughts on "good" or "bad." We sit with all the problems and stresses of this life; but eventually, it's just Buddha sitting there.

    Gassho to everyone in the Sangha,


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    Re: No Beginning, No End


    What did you think of the book?
    it's on my list, but not here yet so... :roll:


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    Re: No Beginning, No End

    Hey Fugen,

    I actually like the book a lot. It's similar to Suzuki's books, but that's no surprise. He explains zen in a way that makes it easy to understand. It's a very quick read and enjoyable. Let me know what you think when you get it!



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    Re: No Beginning, No End

    Does the shadow ever really go away?

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    Re: No Beginning, No End

    Quote Originally Posted by Stephanie
    Does the shadow ever really go away?
    Not any more than the sun and your shadow disappear at night, I think I don't believe the shadow was ever really mine to being with. Stand under a great tree in the daylight and where is your shadow? Where are you?

    I had a thought while looking in the mirror today; it's funny that we will never be able to view our own faces. Only reflections. Want to see your own face? Pluck out your eyes and turn them on yourself. Just a thought :wink:


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    Re: No Beginning, No End

    Quote Originally Posted by Stephanie
    Does the shadow ever really go away?
    Hello Stephanie,

    I don't believe so; but I believe how we react to the shadow is what's important.



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