Hi folks
For anyone who is interested and able, to Fugen, Hans and I are going to make a commitment to sit every (at least one of us!)Sunday @ 3pm (New York) or 9pm (Tibro, Sweden/Cologne, Germany), 4pm (Fredericton New Brunswick) to share a cup a tea. Please feel free to join in.

We will post below where and how we will be meeting a head of time in this thread as we explore software that will meet our needs.
Here are a couple of ways to meet up (again we will let everyone know ahead of time which we are using)

Only a couple of requirements:
One: please use headphones to prevent echo! (feedbackbackbackbackbakcwhat?what wha...Ha ah aha)
Two: please Say "hey this is [yournamehere]", and then speak freely (to prevent confusion and promote getting better acquainted )

Here are a couple of ways we will be meeting (Get skype if you would, please and PM Fugen with your skype name)


http://www.videoconference.com/ - We will make the room a head of time and post the url to join (one limit, it hold only 6 @ a time so if we have more folks than that we will move back to voice chat via skype.

Shohei/Fugen/Hans! (not 3! )